My travel to New Zealand

19 décembre 2020

For information

For information, traffic in New Zealand is on the left, so the steering wheel is on the right in the car. 

There is a population called the Maori and it is a tribe. This tribe has a tattoo all over their head. They signed a peace treaty with the "normal" populationBritain voices 'regret' for killing Maori 250 years ago | New Zealand News | Al Jazeera

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In New Zealand we also find atypical animals such as the Kiwi, the penguin, whale, orca and others.

Où aller voir des kiwis en Nouvelle-Zélande ? |

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In New Zealand there are a lot of activities to do like bungee jumping, rock climbing and parachute jumping and a lot more.

saut-elastique-nouvelle-zelande-bungee-jumping | Le blog des Nomads - CoolDrive Nomad

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In New Zealand the climate is oceanic, the oceanic climate means mild winters and cool summers. 
There are beautiful mountainous and forest landscapes, as well as rivers and lakes.Voyage en Nouvelle-Zélande : incontournables, où aller, conseils, sécurité, quoi apporter

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New Zealand

The New Zealand is localised in the southern hemisphere. It is composed of two islands, ( North island and South island ) and his capitale is Wellington. There are 4,886 millions peoples. Des musulmans visés par un attentat en Nouvelle-Zélande

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